Resource Circulation

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Socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes (SEPLS) can contribute to global goals for biodiversity conservation and dealing with climate change, while also contributing locally to human security and wellbeing. SEPLS are, however, under threat around the world. SEPLS have been promoted under the Satoyama Initiative by the International...
This factsheet was developed as a follow-up of the Toyama Framework on Material Cycles and the 5-year Bologna Roadmap produced by the G7 Alliance on Resource Efficiency under the initiative of Ministry of the Environment, Japan. The results were compiled by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). Full report on “Our Actions for a...
Asia Resource Circulation Policy Research Open Symposium ”How to Establish Sound Material Cycle Society and Green Economy in Developing Asia?”
2009年にアジア3R推進フォーラムが、アジア及び太平洋の島嶼国の参加により、国際協力の枠組みとして発足した。アジア3R推進フォーラムに期待される機能の一つは、参加国に対して国際共同研究に基づいた政策に役立つ助言を提供することにある。これを受けて、中国、タイ、マレーシア、ベトナム、フィリピン、台湾、日本から8つの機関が参加して2009年に発足した国際共同研究が「アジア資源循環研究」である。 アジア資源循環研究は、3R政策の実施に役立つ知識を創造することへの高まるニーズに応えることを目的とし、気候変動対策および廃棄物管理の双方の課題の改善につながる3R政策や、途上国での3R政策実施の改善、技術移転の課題等について研究を行ってきた。本研究の成果を活用し、アジアでの持続可能な資源循環の構築へ向けた...
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This study tests whether an international market exists in the platinum-group metal (PGM) futures markets. For this purpose, we tested the law of one price (LOP) and the causality between the U.S. and Japanese platinum and palladium futures markets. We also performed the test when structural breaks are considered. Long-run price relationships were...
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The amount of e-waste is growing rapidly in developing countries, and the health and environmental problems resulting from poor management of this waste have become a concern for policy makers. In response to these challenges, a number of Asian developing countries have been inspired by policy developments in OECD countries, and have drafted...
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