Carbon Tax

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ILO's Workshop on the Future of Work Initiative: Transformations Affecting the Labor Market in Indonesia
IGES was commissioned by the Indonesia Country Office of the Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (ROAP) of the International Labour Organization (ILO) to conduct a project titled "Assessment of the Labour Market Implications of Indonesia's Nationally Determined Contributions", under the ILO's Green Jobs - INDC Assessment Project. Under its...
Carbon Management所収
For effective and practical implementation of border carbon adjustment, it is crucial to determine the carbon content of imports/exports. In this paper we discussed two criteria. One is direct carbon emissions, which accounts for direct emissions generated from production. The other is embodied emissions which accounts for the total emissions...
Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation所収
This paper provides an overview of academic discussions and actual progress of a carbon tax policy in Japan, China and Republic of Korea located in Northeast Asia. Opportunities and barriers of introducing this policy in the region are identified by a comparative analysis of available information. The overview confirms the great importance of...
the 11th Global Conference on Environmental Taxation
This paper gives a glance of carbon emission status, the latest efforts and policy progress in Japan, China and Korea, and provides an integrative summary of previous discussions of carbon tax policy based on a comprehensive literature overview. By using the information collected from these countries, a comparative analysis is conducted to identify...