Green Growth

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Anil Kumar
Akhilesh Surjan

Disaster Management is an emerging discipline of higher education, research and practice. Over years’, interrelation between environment, climate change and disasters have attained significant recognition. Environmental and anthropogenic factors are known key attributes of both hazard-risk and vulnerability and, therefore, are critically important...


Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) was adopted as a stand-alone goal and reflected as one of the cross-cutting objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a central role to address global resource consumption and its associated environmental impacts, as well as numerous social and economic issues. With this broad...



日中環境産業 (Japan-China Environmental Industry)所収

Myanmar's move towards Green Economy and Green Growth is a part of its strategy to ensure the legitimacy of the current regime. The move is a welcome one. The key challenges will be to ensure transparent and effective natural resource governance, as well as avoid conventional air and water pollution from its industrial growth.

Roundtable on “Learning from emerging energy innovations in Asia with a focus on energy access and clean energy: Contributing to the discourse on an institutional framework for sustainable development”

Low-carbon energy technologies: Co-benefits or trade-offs?

Regional Expert Meeting on Global Sustainability in Asia: in support of the work of the UN High-Level Panel on Global Sustainability

This presentation presents a literature review of low-carbon fossil fuel-based technologies such as CHP and CCS regarding environmental impacts, particularly air quality.

Tripartite Green Economic Policy Seminar

Following the Tripartite Joint Action Plan on Environmental Cooperation adopted in the Tripartite Environmental Ministers Meeting among Korea, China, and Japan, the Tripartite Green Economic Policy Seminar was held on 2-3 December 2010 in Beijing, P. R. China.

In the session on Overall Progress of Green Economy, Dr. Takashi Yano gave a...