Green Economy

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「平成31年度ESG 金融ステップアップ・プログラム推進事業におけるグリーンファイナンス・ポータルサイト整備委託業務」最終報告書 COP21で採択されたパリ協定において定められた「2℃目標」や、これも踏まえて平成28年5月13日に閣議決定された「地球温暖化対策計画」で定められた「2050年までに80%の温室効果ガスの排出削減を目指す」といった目標の達成のためには、極めて巨額の投資が必要であり、今後、これらの目標の達成のため、民間資金を低炭素化事業(再生可能エネルギー事業、省エネルギー事業等)に大量に導入し、活用していくことが不可欠である。 海外においては、特にEUが、気候変動対策及び環境負荷の低減のために民間資金を導入するための制度的枠組みを積極的に構築し...
Inclusive Green Economy: Policies and Practice所収
This chapter aims to enable its readers to: i) Appreciate the need for a clear and comprehensive macroeconomic framework for research and policy analysis to support an inclusive green economy; ii) Understand the concept of multiple capital stocks – including human, physical, natural, social, institutional – and their utility in advancing the...
Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) was adopted as a stand-alone goal and reflected as one of the cross-cutting objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with a central role to address global resource consumption and its associated environmental impacts, as well as numerous social and economic issues. With this broad...
The 5th Asian Energy Modelling Workshop on "Achieving a Sustainable 2050: Insights from energy system modelling"
This presentation introduced the Integrated Green Economy Modelling (IGEM) Framework and its application to modelling a carbon tax in Mexico. The presentation was based on the project of the development of an integrated green economy modelling framework led by the UN Environment, in collaboration with four modelling experts, namely Dr. Xin Zhou...
Technical Workshop on Designing an Integrated Green Economy Modelling (IGEM) Tool for Informing Green Economy Policy Making Processes
Under the Partnership for Action on a Green Economy (PAGE), UNEP collaborated with the modelling experts (including Xin Zhou from the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Roy Boyd from Ohio University, Maria Eugenia Ibarrarán from Universidad Iberoamericana Puebla and Steven Arquitt from the Millennium Institute) to develop an Integrated...
The Economy of Green Cities: A World Compendium on the Green Urban Economy所収
Composting is a traditional agricultural practice to recycle organic waste. However, due to ongoing rapid urbanization and changing life-styles, organic waste lost its traditional link to the rural agriculture. Instead, organic waste became a serious environmental issue in developing countries. This paper therefore discusses the experiences of two...


日中環境産業 (Japan-China Environmental Industry)所収
Myanmar's move towards Green Economy and Green Growth is a part of its strategy to ensure the legitimacy of the current regime. The move is a welcome one. The key challenges will be to ensure transparent and effective natural resource governance, as well as avoid conventional air and water pollution from its industrial growth.
YCU-IGES Joint Seminar on Low-Carbon and Smart Cities
The YCU - IGES Joint Seminar on Low-Carbon and Smart Cities was held on 24 and 26 July 2012 on the occasion of the 4th International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2012), in Yokohama, Japan. The seminar was composed of two parts: Part 1 on “Urban Challenges for a Green and Smart Economy”, and Part 2 on “Urbanization Knowledge...