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Integrative approaches to land management, such as ecosystems-based approaches and landscape approaches, together with sustainable infrastructure and the sustainable use and conservation of biodiversity, provide multiple benefits. By providing stakeholders with a means to work through competing interests over land and natural resources, while at...
APN CRP Project
J. J. Pereira, UKM, Malaysia
A.A. Nambi, MSSRF, India
N.V. Thang, IMHEN, Vietnam
T.C.Tan, UKM, Malaysia
The Project was initiated in August 2009 to strengthen research capacity on mainstreaming climate change adaptation concerns into agricultural and water policies and foster networking for adaptation policy research in Asia. Research activities were carried out collaboratively by four institutes from India, Japan, Malaysia and Viet Nam, and had...

Strengthening Capacity for Policy Research on Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation

Adaptation Futures: 2012 International Conference on Climate Adaptation, Arizona, USA
This presentation summarizes the research findings from APN project on strengthening capacity for policy research on mainstreaming adaptation to climate change and provides lessons for the consideration of Rio+20.
8th International Conference of NAPSIPAG 2011
The ongoing negotiations for the future climate regime have clearly indicated the need for both the developed and developing countries to work together in enhancing the adaptation to climate change. While much of the climate change adaptation debate has long been focused on the developing countries, little emphasis has been made on the need for...
Adaptive Policies and Measuring Mainstreaming Climate Change Adaptation into Institutional Processes: Some Experiences from Japan
Most of the current institutional systems and policy processes have been evolved mainly to deal with ‘known problems with known solutions’, and are often characterized with rigidity in structure, administrative procedures, and decision making mechanisms. Experience suggests that such institutional and policy processes have been ineffective to deal...
Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management所収
This paper presents available evidence for climate change impacts in India and discusses issues and barriers that make mainstreaming adaptation difficult in agriculture and water sectors in India. Evidence suggests a wide range of climate change impacts in Indian agriculture and water sectors. Most important ones being severe reduction in crop...
Asian Journal of Environment and Disaster Management所収
Limited efforts have been made in assessing the status of mainstreaming adaptation in agriculture and water sectors globally and in the Asia-Pacific region. This paper reviews various ongoing adaptation initiatives implemented at national level in agriculture and water sectors in some of the countries of the Asia-Pacific region and identifies...
Paper presented at IGES-TERI Asia Pacific Policy Dialog on Post 2012, 22-23 October, New Delhi, India
Mainstreaming adaptation into development can offer several advantages such as reducing costs, building consensus, and generating ownership leading to better adaptation outcomes. Current level of mainstreaming adaptation into development is at a very nascent stage and doesn't exploit the full potential of mainstreaming. Considering mainstreaming as...
Inception Workshop on Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture and Water Sectors 10-11 August 2009, Ballroom 2, Corus Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The presentation outlines the current climate change impacts on agriculture and water sectors in the Asia Pacific region, assesses the vulnerabilities, and provides an update of what is happening in terms of response to the current and projected impacts including adaptation. Drawing from the analysis of current approaches, the presentation provides...