Forest Conservation

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農産物と林産物の消費は、世界的な森林減少を引き起こす多くの要因の一つであり、現代の主要な環境問題の一つである。これらの消費パターンは、熱帯の天然林の消失とも結びついている。本章では、持続可能な消費と生産(SCP)と熱帯林の保全のため、消費、需要、生産と政策オプション間の関連性について検討を行う。 ―林産物における持続可能な消費と生産について定義を行う。 ―消費国が自主的または規制的措置をとることで、生産国の持続可能な森林管理に向けた取り組みを支援することができる。これらの措置は、さまざまな政策を組み合わせたものに加えて最終消費者による購入決定を含んでいる。 ―消費国による取り組みは...
Sustainable Consumption and Production in the Asia-Pacific Region: Effective Responses in a Resource Constrained World所収
Consumption of agricultural and forest products is one of many factors driving global deforestation, one of the major environmental problems of our time. Consumption patterns are associated with the loss of natural forests in the tropics. This chapter explores the relationships between consumption and demand, production, and policy options for SCP...
This report builds on the initiatives of the Asia Forest Partnership and East Asia and Pacific FLEG to promote cooperation among Customs, Forestry and other authorities to reduce the trade of illegal wood products. The goal of this review is to assist Customs and timber trade regulating agencies in their efforts to improve control over the...
Economic Research Institute, Far Eastern Division of Russian Academy of Sciences
This report is compiled on results of research implemented during the first year of the Project, “Developing a Forest Conservation Strategy for the Russian Far East,” which is being undertaken by on the basis of the agreement between the Economic Research Institute of the Far Eastern Division of Russian Academy of Sciences and the Forest...