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IGES Climate and Energy Area has gathered responses and comments from national and local governments, international organisations, leading companies/industry associations, NGOs, think tanks, etc. on the decision of the US to withdraw from the Paris Agreement announced by President Donald J. Trump on 1 June 2017 and compiled them into one tabulated...

IRES Vol.6 No.1所収
Claudia Kemfert

International climate-control or environmental agreements have substantial impacts on international terms of trade. This would seem to suggest that international environmental coalitions cooperating on climate control could penalize non-cooperating countries through trade sanctions. However, alternative approaches exist in which cooperating nations...

International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 3 Number 1(Summer 2002)所収

The United States' new Global Climate Change initiatives, proposed by the Bush Administration on 14 February 2002, reveal the attitude of the U.S. toward future efforts to address climate change. In this paper, the author clarifies this "attitude" by analyzing the content of these new initiatives, and discusses the inititiatives' theoretical...