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Enhanced collaboration with countries with advanced technologies is essential to closing greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation gaps in developing countries’ energy consuming and producing sectors. However, traditional models of technology transfer tend to focus on the sale of expensive technologies to developing countries, often subsidised through aid or...

平成29年度 兵庫県内企業の環境技術海外移転動向意識調査およびステークホルダー連携強化に関する検討

This report summarized surveys and activities regarding 1) investigation of the trends, interests and concerns in overseas business deployment targeting companies based in Hyogo prefecture and companies currently conducting business overseas, 2) engaging and strengthening collaboration with local stakeholders in Hyogo prefecture.
アーカイブ 第1話  豪華な菓子折は御法度になる?(2007.2) 第2話  ほんとに東奔西走、疲れます!(2007.3) 第3話  根が深い中国の水問題(1)(2007.4) 第4話  根が深い中国の水問題(2) がんの村(2007.5) 第5話  温家宝総理「氷を解かす旅」の行方(2007.6) 第6話  竹割り箸と広東料理(2007.7) 第7話  東奔西走はハードルがいっぱい!(2007.8) 第8話  東奔西走の定め(2007.9) 第9話  若林環境大臣の訪中――東奔、然る後、迷走(2007.10) 第10話 「コベネ」に注目!(2007.11) 第11話 三峡ダム/北京五輪雑感(2007.12) 第12話 非常強硬手段「地域認可制限」(2008.1) 第13話 福田総理...
International Review for Environmental Strategies (IRES) Volume 4 Number 1 (2003)所収
The corporate sector in Japan is playing an increasingly active role in environmental education and the capacity building of their employees and communities. This paper examines the current situation and the trends of corporate activities, their intentions, social implications, the problems they face and possible solutions, along with some...
This report summarizes the activities and findings of the Environmental Education Project for the past three years. Divided into four parts, the report describes twin objectives of the Project as formulating a comprehensive strategy of environmental education in the region and developing a mechanism to implement it. Its major activities include (1)...