GHG Inventory

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Talanoa dialogue for support providers in South and East Asia
Capacity building support by means of international development projects is considered vital for developing countries to respond to the enhanced transparency framework of the Paris Agreement. While numerous transparency-related capacity building support has already taken place in the last 20 years, few attempts have been made to understand lessons...
White (Greenhouse Gas Management Institute)
In the context of the transparency framework under the Paris Agreement (PA), this paper presents the status and changes in the capacity of 37 developing countries in Asia to develop national GHG inventories by using a matrix of capacity-indicators. For the latest outcome of this research paper, please refer to: Umemiya, C., White, M., Amellina, A....
The research activity of the Climate Change Project in the first phase of IGES research was carried out focusing on the policy proposals responding to the process of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. Emphasis was put on the system design of the Kyoto Mechanisms such as emissions trading or the clean development...