Kyoto Mechanisms

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2012年12月のCOP18(カタール・ドーハ)において、日本をはじめ京都議定書第2約束期間に数値目標を提示しない国の京都メカニズムへの参加には大きな制限が課せられることとなりました。 本ポリシー・ブリーフでは、COP18決定による日本の京都メカニズム利用に関する制限を踏まえて、2013年以降に日本が取得可能な京都ユニットに対してもたらす影響を定量的に推計するとともに政策的な意味について考察しています。
A series of decisions made at COP18 in Doha, Qatar imposes considerable restrictions on the use of the Kyoto mechanisms by countries that do not submit greenhouse gas reduction targets for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol, including Japan. This policy brief overviews the limits to Japan’s use of the Kyoto mechanisms due to the...
Remarks:The workshop aimed to address the regional distribution of clean development mechanism (CDM) projects in Asia and the Pacific in a holistic and comprehensive manner. The event was jointly organized by the Government of Nepal, Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES), and the United Nations...
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According to Japan’s official Climate Change Policy Programme, the government aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 6 percent compared with its 1990 base year emissions, mainly through domestic actions, and then address a projected 1.6 percent shortfall of emission reductions by utilizing the Kyoto Mechanisms. It is pointed out, however...
The research activity of the Climate Change Project in the first phase of IGES research was carried out focusing on the policy proposals responding to the process of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. Emphasis was put on the system design of the Kyoto Mechanisms such as emissions trading or the clean development...