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National Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation
The post-2012 climate regime is expected to provide impetus to climate risk reduction, moving forward from mitigation only approach it has taken so far. Several proposals have already been submitted by Parties to the Convention on how best such risk reduction can be obtained under the Convention. However, most of these proposals seem to miss the...
IGESが2011年7月26日~27日に神奈川県横浜市で主催した「第3回持続可能なアジア太平洋に関する国際フォーラム(ISAP2010)」の報告書。 2012年にリオデジャネイロで開催される国連持続可能な開発会議(Rio+20)に向けて、「持続可能な開発」について国際社会の関心が高まりつつある中、Rio+20の主要なトピックとなる「持続可能な開発のためのガバナンス」と「グリーン経済」について、アジア太平洋の視点から議論を行った。また、東日本大震災を踏まえ、今後の気候変動・エネルギー政策や回復力のある社会の構築について検討を行った。Remarks:English version:
This is a summary report of the "International Forum for Sustainable Asia and the Pacific (ISAP2011)" held in Yokohama, Japan on 26-27 July 2011. With growing interest in sustainable development, looking towards Rio+20, ISAP2011 discussed "governance for sustainable development" and "green economy", which are the main themes of Rio+20. It also...
Climate Edge
気候変動:新しい世界制度を模索して: 西村六善・元地球環境問題担当大使 戦略研究の最前線(4): COP16における気候変動次期国際枠組み交渉の展望 活動紹介, 出版物紹介, Svapnam 夢, 編集後記
Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction: Asian Perspectives所収
Adaptation is a priority agenda for many developing and vulnerable countries in the world. Adaptation requires substantive resources in terms of financial and human resource capacity. While most of adaptation actions can be planned and implemented at the national level using national resources, there still is a large gap between needs and available...