Sectoral Approach

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This is a series of briefing notes summarising results from multi-stakeholder consultations on the post-2012 climate regime held in 2008. The brief note series present recommendations for the future climate regime on issuing considered important to the Asian Pacific Region, including sectoral approaches, adaptation, financial mechanisms, biofuels...

Framing Presentation: Sectoral Approaches in Post-2012 Climate Regime

Policy Forum on Integrating Asia’s Concerns on Energy Security into the Post-2012 Climate Regime


Side event "Road to Cool Earth - international cooperation and solidarity" hosted by the Government of Japan at Accra Climate Change Talks 2008, 3rd session of the AWG-LCA 3, 6th session of the AWG-KP 6
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Summary of the book "The Climate Regime Beyond 2012: Reconciling Asian Priorities and Global Interests" (Report of the third round of the IGES multi-stakeholder consultations on future climate regime in 2007) in Japanese.本書は、IGESが2007年度にアジアで実施した2013年以降の気候変動枠組みに関する非公式対話(ニューデリー、北京)について、4つの重要テーマ(産業部門別アプローチ、低炭素技術、適応、コベネフィット<相乗便益>)に関する議論の成果をまとめたものである。...
This report summarises the findings from the third round of the Asia-Pacific multi-stakeholder consultations on climate regime beyond 2012 (held in New Delhi and Beijing) where four specific themes of importance to the region and the future climate regime (sectoral approaches, technology development and transfer, adaptation financing and...