About Japan-China Inter-city Cooperation Project

Phase 1: Inter-city cooperation for air quality improvement in China

The Japan-China Inter-city Cooperation Project aimed to improve air quality in China and was implemented by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan from FY2014. The project ran for five years until FY2018 and based on the existing good relationship between Japan and China that included friendship city initiatives, it promoted further cooperation and exchanges between cities on measures to tackle air pollution. Making use of the knowledge and know-how accumulated by experienced entities mainly made up of local governments in Japan, cooperative activities focused on human resources development and capacity building in major cities across China. This 5-year project is known as Phase 1. The results of cooperation in Phase 1 were published on the Ministry of the Environment Japan website in March, 2019. (An overview of Phase 1 can be found on the previous page)

Phase 2: Cooperation on researches and model projects to improve air quality in China

In the final year of Phase 1, the Environment Ministers of Japan and China met in Suzhou City, China, on 23 June, 2018, and signed the “Agreement on cooperation to conduct research and implement model projects to improve air quality.” Under this agreement, cooperation on research and model projects to improve air quality started, based on the mutual trust and experiences established in Phase 1. Preparations for Phase 2 began in FY2018, with full-scale cooperation from FY2019. (Click here for an overview of Phase 2)