Kitakyushu Urban Centre

  1. Research projects / tasks
  2. Mainstreaming low-carbon and resilient policies into urban planning and implementation in Asian cities
  3. Evolving sustainable waste management practices in Asian cities
  4. Promoting green growth and sound urban environmental management in Asian cities

The Kitakyushu Urban Centre (KUC) is situated in Kitakyushu City, a city which has gone from being a byword for pollution to one of Japan's pre-eminent environmental cities, and is now aiming to become an environmental capital. KUC currently conducts research and activities to promote local governmental initiatives to realise sustainable cities, covering critical sectors such as resource circulation, low-carbon and resilient city development. Aiming at mainstreaming sustainable city development policies and practices in Asian cities, the Centre’s research and activities are enhanced by close links with local and central governments, private sector and international organisations working on the sustainable city agenda.

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