Kitakyushu Urban Centre

Study Tour on Waste Management in Japan (City Exchange Programme between Medan and Kitakyushu)

From 7 to 11 May 2018, a study tour on waste management in Japan was organised by IGES Kitakyushu Urban Centre (KUC), as a part of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition’s Municipal Solid Waste Initiative (CCAC – MSWI) programme. The initiative aims to support the development of a Municipal Solid Waste Management (MSWM) Work Plan to improve waste management and reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants including methane (CH4) and black carbon from the waste sector. Medan City in North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, is one of the pilot cities involved in the initiative, and four delegates from Medan participated in this study tour to learn about Japanese waste management policies and technologies as a reference for developing their own MSWM Work Plan. The delegates consisted of representatives from local government, academia and the community.

The delegation participated in a five-day study tour in Kitakyushu City, which is an official Mentor City for the CCAC – MSWI, and the other three nearby municipalities namely Munakata City, Oki Town, and Fukuoka City. The aim was to deepen delegates understanding of sustainable waste management policies, practices and systems to accelerate and improve the development of a MSWM Work Plan for Medan City. The study tour included a structured presentation, discussions with experts, and site visits for observation and learning from various on-site examples of municipal solid waste management in these selected Japanese cities which are performing outstanding or sustainable waste management practices.

It was an intensive programme covering a wide range of waste management areas and perspectives, including policies, management methods, technologies, education, as well as citizen and public participation, which are very much in line with the needs of proposed Work Plan of Medan City. The key feature of this study tour was that it involved four different local governments in Japan that are different in size, population and waste management approaches. In particular, the experiences and lessons learned from local governments who are involved in the day-to-day management provided direct and practical ideas to the Medan City government officials.

Date 07-11 May 2018
Location Kitakyushu City, Munakata City, Oki Town in Mizuma-gun, and Fukuoka City
Organizer Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Supporter UNEP CCAC
Languages English, Japanese, and Bahasa
Number of participants 4 participants from Medan City, Indonesia
Theme Climate Change Strategies for Local Governments: Low-Carbon City Policy Development and Implementation
Document Programme & ParticipantsList (250KB)

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