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Inception Workshop for Capacity Building on MRV in Phitsanulok Municipality

Inception WorkshopThe Inception Workshop for the project"Capacity Building for Implementing a Measurable, Verifiable and Reportable (MRV) Model in a Mid-Sized Thai Municipality" (funded by APN Low Carbon Initiatives (LCI) Programme) was jointly organised by IGES and Phitsanulok Municipality in Phitsanulok, Thailand on 30th May 2013. The project aims to build the Municipality's capacity in developing and implementing a MRV framework, particularly to: (i) set up and maintain a GHG emission inventory; (ii) design and implement effective low carbon city policies and projects, as well as account for potential and actual GHG reductions.

The workshop was attended by about 80 persons representing bureaus and divisions across the municipality. It began in the morning with welcome remarks by Mayor Boonsong Tantatee and Dr. Premrudee Champounood (former Mayor and current Advisor to the Mayor). They expressed Phitsanulok Municipality's strong support for the project and hope that it would build on the Municipality's previous environmental achievements in solid waste management. Subsequently, IGES researchers (Ms. Shom Teoh, Mr. Shiko Hayashi and Mr. Simon Gilby) each made presentations to introduce the basic concepts of MRV, as well as best practices in Japan and the West.

In the afternoon, IGES researchers organised an informal session with the project working group members. An active discussion was held on how to collect baseline data in the areas of solid waste management, water supply and wastewater treatment, energy/electricity, transport, buildings and urban greenery.

Prior to the workshop, IGES researchers took the opportunity to conduct some field trips to further their understanding on Phitsanulok's environmental management. They visited the headquarters of Wongpanit Corporation (a prominent recycling business based in Thailand with increasing regional reach), two city parks, Srasonghong Zero Waste Community (a residential community with impressive achievements in reducing, reusing and recycling waste) and the Wing 46 Biodiesel production facility (a Royal Project implemented by the Thai military).

The staff were impressed by the dedication to the environment by all parts of Phitsanulok - the public sector represented by the municipal government and the military; the private sector represented by Wongpanit and the general public represented by Srasonghong. Engagement by all of society is a vital component of environmental work - Phitsanulok has strong foundations on which to build.

Dates 30 May 2013

Phitsanulok, Thailand


Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Phitsanulok Municipality in Phitsanulok, Thailand


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