IGES Research Report   July 2017
IGES Policy Report   June 2017

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IGES Policy Report

Early Views of ASEAN's 'Frontrunner Cities' on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Local Data Management
Mark ELDER and Peter KING, IGES
April 2018


IGES Participates in Fifth Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development
13 April 2018

IGES Policy Report

Scoring the Sustainable Development Goals: Pathways for Asia and the Pacific
Lewis AKENJI, Mark ELDER, Magnus BENGTSSON, Simon OLSEN and Peter KING, IGES
March 2018

IGES Web Tool

Launch of the 'IGES SDG Interlinkages and Data Visualisation Web Tool Version 1.0'
July 2017
The Strategic and Quantitative Analysis Centre of IGES developed the SDG Interlinkages and Data Visualisation Web Tool (version 1.0).

IGES Research Report

Sustainable Development Goals Interlinkages and Network Analysis: A practical tool for SDG integration and policy coherence
July 2017

IGES Policy Report

SDGs and Business in Practice - Early Actions by Japanese Private Companies
Global Compact Network Japan (GCNJ) and Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
June 2017

IGES Issue Brief

Follow-up and Review of the Sustainable Development Goals: Building on, and Breaking with, the Past
Simon Hoiberg OLSEN,Eric ZUSMAN,Mark ELDER,Peter KING,Ikuho MIYAZAWA and Tetsuro YOSHIDA, IGES
April 2017

Guest Article at IISD SDG Knowledge Hub

Making SDG Implementation Easier: Thinking about Goals as Means
Mark Elder, Magnus Bengtsson and Lewis Akenji, IGES
March 2017

IGES Working Paper

Review of the SDG Index and Dashboards: An example of Japan’s global ranking results
December 2016

IGES Discussion Paper

Taking action on the Sustainable Development Goals
Simon Olsen and Eric Zusman, IGES
November 2016
This paper provides basic information on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in order to help a general audience from multiple sectors with planning and action on the new SDGs.

IGES Commentary

Environment Is the Weakest Link in SDGs Indicators
Eric Zusman, Tetsuro Yoshida, and Simon Hoiberg Olsen, IGES

IGES Briefing Note

Implications of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China for Climate Change, Green Finance and Sustainable Development Goals
Ishii Tetsuya, Tamura Kentaro, Mori Naoki, Zusman Eric and Elder Mark, IGES
September 2016

IGES Policy Brief

Strengthening the Linkages Between Air Pollution and the Sustainable Development Goals
Elder Mark and Zusman Eric, IGES
July 2016
This policy brief analyses the position of air pollution in the SDGs, and makes recommendations for how air pollution could be better integrated into SDG implementation. There is still room to incorporate air pollution more concretely and systematically into the SDG implementation process, especially at the regional, national and local levels.

IGES Policy Brief

SDGs, DRR and CCA: Potential for Strengthening Inter-linkages
R. Shaw,Sivapuram Prabhakar and Chiba Yohei, IGES
July 2016
This policy brief identifies approaches that could help achieve better synergies in implementing three major global frameworks dedicated to sustainable development (SD), disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) on the ground via programmatic integration, collaboration, capacity and innovation.

IGES Working Paper

Groundwater WASH Nexus in Asian Cities: Hanoi, Kathmandu, Khulna
May 2016

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