What is FAIRDO?

FAIRDO conducts action research aiming to sufficiently understand the current status and issues at decontamination sites, drawing on international experience and knowledge, and making practical recommendations for effective decontamination. There are three research components: 1) effective governance on decontamination; 2) development of decontamination plans that reflect local conditions; and 3) communication that promotes collaboration with local residents.

What's New

FAIRDO Activities

Previous Activities

  • ISAP 2013 Parallel Session "Disseminating Information on Reconstruction Activities in Fukushima: From the Viewpoint of Local Resilience" (23 July 2013)
  • Participation in JRODOS Training Course (7-8 February 2013)
  • Participation in RODOS Users Meeting (6 February 2013)
  • FAIRDO Workshop in Fukushima (13 December 2012)
  • Participation in the NERIS Working Group2 MEETING: EMERGENCY PREPARDENESS AND STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION(26-27 November 2012)
    FAIRDO experts participated in the NERIS Working Group2 MEETING ‘EMERGENCY PREPARDENESS AND STAKEHOLDER PARTICIPATION’ which was held on 26-27 Nov, 2012 in Oslo, Norway. Opinions were exchanged with international experts on stakeholder participation for emergency preparedness.
  • Publish FAIRDO 1st Discussion Paper(November 2012)
    This Discussion Paper was published based on findings from the Fukushima-Yokohama Mission, conducted in July 2012, and progress of FAIRDO research.
  • Fukushima-Yokohama Mission (19-24 July 2012)
Date Events Venue
Thursday, 19 July FAIRDO Experts Workshop -Fukushima University
Friday, 20 July Field Visit
- Oguni Village, Date City
- Katakura, Haramachi Area, Minami Souma City
- Oguni Village, Date City
-Katakura, Haramachi Area, Minami Souma City
Saturday, 21 July International Symposium:Effective Decontamination -Learning European Experience and Knowledge - Sakura no Seibo Junior College
Sunday, 22 July Field Visit
Namie Town
- Namie Town
Monday, 23 July Courtesy Visit to Governor Sato of Fukushima Prefecture -Fukushima Prefecture
Tuesday/ Wednesday, 24-25 July ISAP Parallel Session Programme
Effective Decontamination in Fukushima and Experiences in Europe
- Pacific Yokohama


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