Sustainable Consumption and Production

Kick-off Symposium on “Reducing GHG through Water Smart Lifestyle in Da Nang, Vietnam”

IGES, in collaboration with Da Nang University of Technology (DUT), organised a symposium to kick-start a new project on "Water Smart Lifestyle" as a contribution to the "Education and Lifestyle Program" of the UN 10 Year Framework of Action (10-YFP) on Sustainable Consumption and Production. The symposium was organised to inform local stakeholders about the growing necessity of transforming the city’s water system to be smart, resilient and sustainable. The symposium was attended by over thirty participants consisting of experts from Da Nang Water Supply One Member Limited Company (DAWACO), Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO), Department of Construction (DOC) of Da Nang City, and DUT staffs and students.

At the symposium, discussions focused on the current situation and challenges to city water management in Da Nang, water use conditions, and the necessity for a water smart lifestyle. Presentations were made by IGES researchers, DUT staff and students, and invited experts from Da Nang city about existing practices and lessons for water saving. Da Nang is developing rapidly and it faces multiple challenges to provide sustainable water services for its residents. As a coastal city, Da Nang is frequently hit by tropical typhoons and invasion of sea tides during dry periods when river water levels are low. The symposium concluded with an understanding that water smart lifestyle can be an answer to balance water demand and supply situation in Da Nang.

Key messages:

  • Cities like Da Nang that are at an early stage of rapid urbanisation will face water security challenges due to increasing water consumption, pollution and climatic change impacts;
  • Water saving and behavioural change measures could be an effective policy instrument for addressing water shortage issues, climate change mitigation-adaptation synergies and transform to environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
  • Practical and attractive approaches for a water smart lifestyle have to be identified keeping in view the need for accurate data collection, water consumption patterns in densely and sparsely populated areas, rational tariffs for water and sewer services, climate change impacts and future city plans.     
  • The project plans to develop decision support tools, and a demonstration of water saving measures will be essential for raising awareness and for promoting stakeholder engagement.

Date 18 November 2015
Venue Da Nang University of Technology (DUT), Da Nang, Vietnam
Organisers Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES)
Da Nang University of Technology (DUT)
Presentation Materials
Introductory Presentation  
Binaya Raj Shivakoti, IGES
PDF (729KB)
Education and Research Collaboration on Climate Change
Tran Van Quang, Dean, Faculty of Environmental Engineering, DUT
Deputy Director of EPRC, DUT
PDF (484KB)
The status of water supply and drainage inside the civil buildings in Da Nang city
Nguyen Lan Phuong and Mai Thi Thuy Duong , Lecturer, DUT
PDF (438KB)
Micro-component survey of residential water end-use. Lessons learned from Hanoi and Tokyo
PDF (2.4MB)
Master Plan for the Development of Wastewater Drainage in Da Nang city by 2030
Tran Viet Dung Department of Construction (DOC), Da Nang People’s Committee
Challenges and opportunity for future extension of water supply system in Da Nang City
Bui Tho Ninh, Head of Planning Department Da Nang Water Supply One Member Limited Company (DAWACO)
PDF (1.2MB)
Da Nang’s experiences in implementing climate resilient policies and responding actions
Dinh Quang Cuong, Head of Da Nang Climate Change Coordination Office (CCCO)
PDF (1.9MB)

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