WEPA Fourth Phase Final Report 2024

WEPA Fourth Phase Final Report
Commissioned Report
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Recognizing that the improvement of water environmental governance is essential to solve water pollution problems in the Asian Region, the Water Environment Partnership in Asia (WEPA) was launched in 2004 by the Ministry of the Environment, Japan. During the fourth phase of WEPA, which began in FY2019, the objective of WEPA’s fourth phase was “compliance with the law”, and regular programs including Action Program (AP) continued to overcome the challenges that the partner countries face in line with the PDCA cycle.

This report aims to introduce the detailed activities and outcomes obtained in the fourth phase of WEPA. First, it presents the basic structure of WEPA with its history as well as the summary of the fourth phase activities. Second, it provides a review of 20 years of WEPA’s activities and policy formation and revisions in the partner countries.  The report also presents the detailed information and the outcomes of APs implemented in Cambodia, Myanmar, and Lao PDR. The report also presents the results of questionnaire surveys which include feedback and expectations from the focal points to ensure WEPA’s future activities are in line with the needs of all partner countries.