Water-Energy-Food Nexus Perspective: Path Making for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to Country Actions in Asia

Technical Report
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Water and energy security are vitally important for sustainable development. The UN General has approved a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the proposed goals, Goal 2, Goal 6 and Goal 7 focus on the security of three basic elements (food, water and energy, respectively) for survival of human being, economic growth and development. T. But, conventional unilateral sectoral approach, causing unintended trade-offs and conflicts among relevant sectors or areas.. In the Asia-Pacific, where faces significant challenges in ensuring water, energy and food security achieving the SDGs on food, energy and, water will require an integrated perspective across the plans of resource management and recent SDG progress report by UNESACP clearly argued for more efforts for achieving all three important goals. The proposed project aimed to identify priority interlinkages among targets of SDG-2, SDG-6 and SDG-7   that will help the case study countries including Bangladesh, India and Viet Nam to formulate actions to manage resources effectively and meet related targets more swiftly. This project performed analysis on readiness of three case study countries to implement SDGs

GM Tarekul
Thi Mai