Water Reuse via Groundwater Recharge

In IRES Vol.6 No.2
Peer-reviewed Article

Sustainable water resources management emphasizes whole-system solutions to meet the water needs of present and future generations reliably and equitably. To increase the reliability of water supply, the artificial recharge of groundwater basins is becoming increasingly important where conjunctive use of surface water and groundwater resources is considered. Among the several sources of available water for groundwater recharge-which includes direct precipitation, flood or other surplus water, imported water, and reclaimed water-increasing attention has been given in recent years to the use of highly treated, reclaimed municipal wastewater as source water for groundwater recharge. The availability of reclaimed water for reuse at relatively low incremental cost and its dependability as a source of water even in a drought year are primary reasons for its consideration in groundwater recharge. This paper discusses an emerging field of water reuse via groundwater recharge.


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Takashi Asano