Water Environment in Central and East Asia: An Introduction

In Groundwater Environment in Asian Cities: Concepts, Methods, and Case Studies
Chapter: 1st Edition
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Groundwater is a key resource in the process of socioeconomic development, as it constitutes above one fourth of the total renewable water resources in the entire subregion. Due to a lack of understanding and previous poor governance, environmental issues relating to groundwater such as depletion
of groundwater resources and well yield (e.g., Bishkek and Seoul), aquifer degradation, and land subsidence (e.g., in Seoul and Tokyo) are experienced in many aquifers that supply water to cities. This part of the book analyzes the status of the groundwater environment in four cities selected at random,
based on the availability of contributors, but with the intention of encompassing as much diversity as possible. The cities in alphabetical order are Beijing (China), Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan), Seoul (South Korea), and Tokyo (Japan).

Sangam Shrestha
Vishnu Prasad Pandey