Water Energy Food Nexus: A Provision to Tackle Urban Drought

In Urban Drought – Emerging Water Challenge in Asia
Chapter: 5
Book Chapter

Water energy, food energy form some of the basic elements of economic growth and development. These resources are intrinsically interdependent on both the supply and demand sides. Urban areas are major consumers of these resources and growing urban population will require large flow of water, energy and food. Urbans are dynamically connected with rural and in most of the cases, urbans rely on rural to produce water, energy and food that they consume. Rational use of these resources requires integrated planning that reflects interdependencies and trade-offs, but government planning is mainly sector-based and not open to an integrated approach. Nexus approach is being viewed as a way to enhance cross-sectoral coordination and manage trade-offs and increase synergies among highly linked natural resources. This chapter would explore the mechanisms that can address potential threats of trade-off and enhance nexus approach for tackling water insecurity.