Waste management in science education for Bhutan

The Royal Government of Bhutan, through its National Environment Commission (NEC) has been exerting efforts to address its waste management challenges, including development of National Waste Management Strategy and Action Planwhich aimed at providing policy framework for waste management at national level, and to align behaviours of different stakeholders based upon the common vision and goals shared among the society. Promotion of Environmental Education (EE) targeting young generation has also been positioned as one of the important strategies for promoting 3R (reduce, reuse and recycle) through raising awareness and enhancing collaboration and behavioural changes of individuals. EE also includes as an independent elective subject at primary level in the present educational system in Bhutan.

This presentation introduces the environmental education for primary school in Japan and educational booklet "Ecology Note for Bhutan" developed by NEC in collaboration with CCET, and discusses how the topics in Ecology Note can be integrated in to the country's official science text books.