A trend-based fusion method for pansharpening Landsat 8 imagery: Case study for Japan and Thailand

Event: The 55th Autumn Conference of the Remote Sensing Society of Japan
Conference Paper

A new pansharpening method was developed and applied to Landsat 8’s multispectral image bands. It involves adding two new terms to the commonly-used Fast Intensity-Saturation-Hue (FIHS) algorithm: a trend-based modulation factor, and a band modulation factor. The proposed method was tested on an urban study area in Yokohama, Japan and an agricultural study area in Tha Khoei, Thailand. It outperformed FIHS and two other pansharpening algorithms in terms of spectral quality, while also having higher spatial quality than most of the other algorithms. This new method will be used for future projects involving environmental monitoring using satellite data.