Transboundary climate risks and regional adaptation planning

Event: Third Forum of Ministers and Environment Authorities of Asia Pacific
Date: 24th January 2019

This session will explore the transboundary risks that result from both the impacts of climate change and the effects of adaptation (positive and negative). It will draw on case studies from within and across the Asia Pacific region, to provide an impetus for increased regional – and subsequently global – action and cooperation.

The session will aim to:
- Critically reflect on the state of knowledge on transboundary climate risks and the transboundary consequences of adaptation (both planned and unintended) and build a common understanding among the target audience of adaptation as a global challenge.
- Highlight examples and case studies of transboundary risks within the Asia Pacific region, and the broader inputs and measures required to move this agenda forward, including the benefits to national-level actors.
- Encourage shared learning on relevant cross-border initiatives, projects and platforms within the region, to highlight the incentives that could be harnessed to better account for transboundary climate risk (across sectors, geographies and communities) and illustrate possible/appropriate policy responses.
- Assess subsequent actions, roles and responsibilities (for different actors within policy and practice) and concrete opportunities to bring such grounded evidence to bear in the UNFCCC negotiations and/or other legal frameworks/conventions (highlighting common agendas and promoting policy coherence).