Sustainable Consumption Guide for Policy Makers: Debunking Myths and Outlining Solutions (Asia Edition)

Policy Report
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The Resource Pack consists of a series of short and concise technical briefs. They are each semi-autonomous and not arranged in a sequential manner, so that each can be read independently or interlinked, and in any preferred order.
- Part 1 provides an overview of current issues related to sustainable consumption, links these to the Asian context and frames the nature of the policy problem.
- Part 2 highlights some common myths around sustainable consumption that need to be confronted and explores how they affect sustainable consumption policies and practices in Asia.
- Part 3 consists of thematic solutions briefs with potential policy approaches to ensure more
sustainable consumption patterns in Asia.
The resource pack is complementary to the training handbook “Sustainable Consumption and Production: A Handbook for Policymakers” developed by UNEP (2014), which provides a broad overview of SCP, the SCP policy
cycle, and specific sectoral interventions.