Study area 2: Promoting recycling in municipal solid waste management through suitable business models: Improving the supply chain for recyclables

Draft Final report
Commissioned Report

Due to a rapid increase in waste generation in Asia, recycling businesses are increasing their already significant contribution to sustainable solid waste management. At the same time, improper practices of recycling businesses can also generate serious health and environmental impacts. There is therefore a clear need to promote the scaling up of recycling businesses in an environmentally sound manner to achieve sustainable waste management in Asia.
This study aims to (i) investigate and extract the lessons learnt from Wongpanit, a large and successful waste trader in Thailand, and other models in selected countries: Thailand, China, India and Malaysia, (ii) identify driving factors of and barriers to recycling business development in the selected countries (focusing on the recyclable supply chain which includes collection, sorting, cleaning, baling, pre-processing of recyclable materials, and not on recycling technologies and material recovery as such), and (iii) develop recommendations for establishing and developing an environmentally and socially sound recycling sector that can be extended to encourage 3R implementation.

Theng Lee Chong
Li Jinhui