Towards Better Governance of Marine Plastic Pollution and Circular Economy in East and Southeat Asia

Event: Sea of Solutions 2019
Date: November 11-14, 2019 (Bangkok)

To be successful, solutions to marine plastic pollution must take into consideration institutional, legal and regulatory frameworks at international, regional and local levels. Consideration of these frameworks is not relevant to governments only. To be fully effective, they must be embraced and leveraged also by development actors, private industries and civil society.

Pararellel Session 4 on "Governance Framework to Manage Marine Plastics" discussed existing initiatives, challenges and possible paths forward to manage marine plastics, from the perspective of a state, the civil society, and research on the circular economy, in the context of South East Asia.

Hotta from IGES presented about the needs of regional governance mechanism to harmonise existing initiatives and programmes in the region.