The Science Summit at Unite Nation General Assembly 78 (session panelist)

Event: The Science Summit at Unite Nation General Assembly 78
Date: 12 September 2023
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Open Science and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving transformative changes across various domains, revolutionizing the way research is conducted and knowledge is shared. However, ensuring equitable partnerships in Open Science remains a significant challenge in the current AI era and a barrier to accomplish SDG17, which cuts across all SDGs. A panel comprising representatives from every country aims to foster a collective understanding of the barriers and opportunities in building equitable partnerships for Open Science, specifically within the context of the AI era.

The session explored the multifaceted aspects of equitable partnerships in Open Science, emphasizing the need for collaboration, inclusivity, and fairness. Panelists from diverse backgrounds, including academia, industry, government, and civil society, will engage in a constructive dialogue to identify and share best practices, strategies, and policies for promoting equitable partnerships.

(Text from the event website. Science Summit at United Nations General Assembly (UNGA78): [VIRTUAL] Developing Equitable Partnersh... (