Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review vol.1

Research Report

The Satoyama Initiative Thematic Review vol. 1 showcases various case studies from around the world focusing on tools and approaches for “Enhancing knowledge for better management of socio-ecological production landscapes and seascapes (SEPLS)”, in particular those that are used by and with local communities and other stakeholders to deepen understanding of SEPLS and their management. The case studies demonstrate that appropriate selection and thoughtful use of tools and approaches can provide various different positive outcomes, not merely increasing knowledge but also creating preferable conditions that can lead to effective actions for SEPLS.

These eleven case studies are by authors belonging to IPSI member organizations, and present varied experiences using tools and approaches for dealing with knowledge related to SEPLS management in 13 countries (China, Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Tonga, New Zealand, Germany, Turkey, Kenya, Uganda and Guyana) and in various socio-ecological conditions, from mountainous to coastal ecosystems and from suburban to rural settings.