Strategic activities to promote the dissemination of Japanese low carbon technologies in India (SA 2019)

Commissioned Report

SME sector in India offers considerable potential for reducing India’s GHG emissions through the introduction of low carbon technologies (LCTs). A business-to-business (B2B) model of technology cooperation, targeting Indian SMEs, has been successfully demonstrated by IGES and TERI through several joint projects (2010-2018). IGES and TERI propose to continue their collaboration in this regards through conducting a multiyear project that achieves substantial energy savings and GHG emissions reductions at selected SME clusters. To this end, IGES and TERI discussed the idea with their partners and relevant stakeholders, at a workshop held on 11 February 2019 in Delhi (WSDS2019). All participants agreed on the importance of conducting such multiyear project, and showed readiness to cooperate in designing it and in conducting the necessary preparatory activities towards applying for it in timely manner.

This SA2019 project conducted the necessary preparatory activities to apply for the multiyear project (cluster screening, SMEs profiling, stakeholder’s interactions, etc.). It was also used to follow up on previous joint activities by IGES and TERI, and to update and maintain JITMAP (Japan India Technology Matchmaking Platform) website.

The Energy and Resources Institute India