The Role of Governance Post2015

Discussion Paper
The Role of Governance Post2015

Main messages:
Good governance can help improve the effective implementation of development policies.
The MDGs focus on quantifiable outputs has contributed to a certain level of achievement, but they do not explicitly focus on good governance;
There should be a strong role for governance in the post 2015 development framework.
Both the Open Working Group (OWG) on the SDGs and the Finance Working Group should consider governance in their proposals;
An increasing number of proposals for post 2015 development goals emphasise the importance of including governance, suggesting either of two main options: ( i ) a number of governance-related targets and indicators could be mainstreamed across all relevant goals; or ( ii ) governance could be a goal in itself with appropriate targets and indicators.
The crosscutting aspects of social, economic and environmental development require cooperation and coordination among stakeholders and governmental departments at all levels. Good governance mechanisms can enhance such coordination.