Results of the IGES Fifth Phase External Review

February 2014
Business Report
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In order to ensure accountability of each research project and provide feedback to improve overall
effectiveness, IGES has traditionally conducted a review at the end of each Phase by external experts.
The IGES External Reviews examine to what extent studies and activities conducted in the Fifth
Phase satisfied the original targets and intentions of the studies, and what meaningful impacts have
been created in important policy processes. Also important is how achievements made and lessons
learnt in the Fifth Phase could be properly integrated into studies and activities planned for the Sixth
Phase (FY2013-2015). All in all, the external review is expected to promote better implementation of
the IGES strategic research in the Sixth Phase.
While the reviews have focused on both research and administrative aspects, the emphasis has
evolved to some extent. In the earlier phases, much more emphasis was placed on the research
aspects and outputs compared to administrative and management aspects. In later phases,
particularly in the most recent Fifth Phase Review, the scope has expanded significantly beyond
research outputs to incorporate more discussion about engagement in important policy processes,
networking and partnership with other stakeholders and research institutes, and generating impacts.
Likewise, in the earlier phases, most reviewers came from academic backgrounds, but in later phases,
again particularly in the most recent Fifth Phase Review, selection of reviewers was more balanced
between those with academic backgrounds, and those with more experience in policy and NGO


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