Report of the First Phase Strategic Research
New Development Patterns Project

Business Report
Report of the First Phase Strategic Research
New Development Patterns Project

This report summarizes the activities and findings of the New Development Patterns Project (NDP) during the first phase of IGES research.
The aim of the NDP Project is to explore new patterns of development in order to arrive at societies with sound material cycles, focusing particularly on Asia and the Pacific. This project was carried out in line with the basic objectives of IGES, working in close collaboration with the five other ongoing projects.
The objectives and targets and the main results of the first research phase were:
(1) To study and identify relevant issues to be considered in searching for “new development patterns.” Based on the study, a book entitled “Environment in the 21st Century and New Development Patterns“ was published.
(2) To share the outputs with the general public as well as with experts outside. To this end, various workshops and open forums were organized.
(3) To contribute to international policy consulting forums by submitting documents and giving keynote speeches and reports in order to incorporate the idea of “new development patterns“ into practical policies. Based on the results of ECO ASIA Long-term Perspective Project, IGES submitted policy as well as background documents to ECO ASIA 1999, ECO ASIA 2000, and ESCAP/MCED. The representatives of IGES made keynote speeches and presentations in these meetings.
(4) To select a few topics out of the issues clarified in (1) and to start more detailed studies. The topics studied included (a) Transfer of Environmentally Sound Technology (b) Business and Environmental Governance and (c) Information Technology and Environment. The result of the study on transfer of environmentally sound technology was compiled in a report and a booklet on practical examples of technology transfer and cooperation. The result of the study on business and environmental governance was published in book form.
(5) To identify topics to be further studied in the second research phase. The topics identified for the second phase to follow up the results of the first phase include, among others, continuation of the study related to ECO ASIA, further study on specific topics such as business and environment as well as IT and environment, and preparation of the White Paper on the Asian Environment and Development.