Report on EIA Twinning project between Lao PDR and Japan and Sri Lanka and Japan

Commissioned Report

The subproject has two main components: (i) an EIA clearinghouse that aims to facilitate knowledge capture and dissemination of information on
international best practices in EIA implementation, and (ii) south-south twinning between Lao PDR and Japan, and Sri Lanka and Japan. Through these components, the subproject aims to improve information sharing and knowledge management in EIA among all DMCs through the EIA clearinghouse and to enhance capacity of beneficiary countries by improved understanding of EIA best practices of the mentor country through south-south twinning.

The first component, the EIA clearinghouse, was developed and successfully launched on AECEN’s website in March 2013 ( The clearinghouse provides EIA laws and regulations, useful EIA references, guidelines and manuals, case studies of EIAs that could serve as models for future EIAs in the same sector, news articles and court cases involving implementation issues surrounding EIAs, and hot-links to national websites of
EIA-related agencies.

The second component, two EIA twinning projects, is being conducted between Lao PDR and Japan, and Sri Lanka and Japan. In both cases, the Japan Association of Environment Assessment (JEAS) acts as the mentoring organization to the project, delegated by the Ministry of Environment, Japan (MOEJ). The Sri Lanka twinning project is implemented with the partnership with the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) and the Lao PDR twinning project with the Department of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (DESIA), the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental (MoNRE).