Proposal for Step-by-Step Baseline Standardization for CDM: From Project-Specific to Generalized Formula Version 3

Discussion Paper
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Baseline setting is a key step in the process to identify certified emission reductions for CDM. This paper clarifies some confusing concepts regarding baseline setting, such as time-dependence (static/dynamic/revision) and standardization (benchmarking/projectspecific).
There are many technical aspects for the development of CDM scheme from baseline setting. A credible and consistent standardization process is one of the most important points for the future development of CDM. This paper also clarifies the characteristics of two approaches (benchmarking and project-specific) for standardization and their possible usage. Because of its step-wise nature of CDM scheme development, a CDM Reference Manual approach may provide a credible framework for baseline standardization development as well.
These conclude the necessity of the baseline methodology standardization (generalization) from project-specific cases. With a typical example of the standardization process, this paper demonstrates the flow of the standardization process clarifying the guiding principle of "most probable without the project", excluding the (political) ambiguities.