The Project Cycle of the JCM and Support by IGES

Event: Workshop for understanding the Project Cycle under the Joint Crediting Mechanism
Date: Bangkok, Thailand, 30 September 2016

Mr. Rocamora made a presentation explaining the extensive range of JCM stakeholders, the different steps involved in the JCM project development, and the basic roles of each stakeholder during each step. He also presented what is the purpose of each step, such as methodology, project design document (PDD) and monitoring report. He notably emphasized the difference between the approval of JCM financing programs (by GEC for instance) and the registration of JCM projects by the JC. This means that project can start right after the subsidy approval, while necessary steps need to be taken later on in order to proceed to registration. Mr. Rocamora then presented the scope of support provided by IGES: capacity building for JCM stakeholders and support for JCM implementation during the project cycle. Finally, he presented the prototype of the JCM Matchmaking Platform, aimed at facilitating information sharing and company matching regarding companies involved or interested in the JCM.