Policy Trend Report 2001

Policy Report
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The goal of the Forest Conservation Project is to develop strategies for desirable forest conservation and sustainable forest management. Although many approaches should be taken into consideration to achieve this goal, the project has set a precise objective for its second phase of research (April 2001 to March 2004): to propose concrete measures to facilitate participatory forest management. The outcomes of the FC Project will be the "IGES Local Guidelines," based on local realities; the "IGES Policy Recommendations," a consolidated version of the first phase results, taking national legal systems into consideration; and the "IGES National Guidelines," as an integrated outcome of both approaches.
These outcomes will be published in local languages as well as in English in order to support and facilitate the participation of local people in forest management for target countries/areas such as Indonesia, Laos, and the Russian Far East.
I believe that local people should play a central role in conserving forests, while ironing out the differences between various stakeholders' interests. We strive to carry out our research with a global perspective based on local realities-what we call a "glocal" perspective.
The aim of the Policy Trend Report is to disseminate our research activities to all interested parties, as well as to provide the basis for discussions on developing the guidelines and recommendations. All papers included here-contributed by full-time staff, visiting researchers, and research collaborators-were reviewed by project members. We will continue to publish the Policy Trend Report in fiscal year 2002, and publish the final outputs mentioned above in fiscal year 2003