Policy Instruments to Promote Sustainable Agriculture

Event: CAPSA-UNESCAP Policy Analysis Workshop: Transition towards sustainable agriculture in the context of the 2030 agenda for sustainable development-Strategic implementation, follow up and review
Date: 15-17 November 2016

The presentation is based on the policy brief written for CAPSA (Promoting sustainable agriculture production and products in the Asia and Pacific region) for providing an overview of the sustainable agriculture policies in Asia. The presentation introduces the broad classification of sustainable agricultural policies in Asia and provides a detailed discussion on specific policies including subsidies, insurance, carbon sequestration, removing barriers, metrics based incentivization and certification. Subsequently, the presentation concludes by providing a way forward for scaling up some of these policies by removing the existing bottlenecks.
The text basis for this presentation can be found here: https://pub.iges.or.jp/pub/promoting-sustainable-agriculture-production