Participatory Coastal Land-Use Management (PCLM) Guidebook: Participatory approaches and geospatial modeling for increased resilience to climate change at the watershed level

This guidebook is intended to provide an overview of how to conduct climate change and land-use change impact assessments at the local level, so that the local impacts on water, biodiversity, and health can be better understood. A key aspect of the guidebook is the tutorials provided for conducting climate change/land-use change scenario analysis and impact assessment using free software. The methodology presented (PCLM) and training materials provided can help local governments with their climate change adaptation and land-use planning, and is designed to complement/support countries’ official planning processes. Using these training materials as a basis, more intensive in-person (or online) trainings can also be conducted to provide more specialized or location-specific trainings in priority sites.

The data needed for the tutorials in this guidebook (1.7 gb) can be downloaded from:…