Organic Composting - How Great! (Organic Composting Manual for Kids)

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Organic Composting - How Great! (Organic Composting Manual for Kids)

This 16 pages booklet was planned as a supplementary reading material for Junior Science School (JSS) seminar jointly organized by Kyushu Institute of Technology and IGES in May to August, 2013. KUC took advantage of this opportunity to introduce our research activities on community-based solid waste management in Asian countries/cities.This booklet with comic style illustrates a family who will try to grow vegetables at their home garden. They cannot work well at first, but getting some advice from an imaginary character named “the fairy of the soil”, they have learned that composting make nutritious soil for vegetables, and the compost is made from household garbage to enjoy delicious vegetables successfully. This booklet is mainly for lower grades of elementary schools, however, useful for teachers/adults to try to learn how to make compost technically.


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