Option Survey for Japan to Acquire Credits from Abroad

Policy Report

-Executive Summary

-Comparison of Options Available to Japan for Acquiring Emission Certificates
1.Current situation in Japan
2.Options -pros and cons
3.Conclusion -Comparative evaluation of options

-Background Paper 1: Current Japanese Climate Policy from the Perspective of Using the Kyoto Mechanisms
2.Climate policy development in Japan
3.Japan's current climate policy
4.Dependence on the Kyoto mechanisms

-Background Paper 2: The EU Linking Directive and its Impact on the Potential for JI Projects in the New EU Member States and EU Accession Countries
1.EU Climate Policy and Emissions Trading
2.Linking the EU ETS with CDM/JI ? Negotiation History and Final Outcome
3.The Linking Directive's Impact on CDM/JI: Legal Analysis
4.The Linking Directive's Impact on JI in Selected New EU Member States and EU Accession

-Background Paper 3: Demand and Supply on the Global Market for Emission Certificates


In collaboration with Wuppertal Institute & commissioned by MoEJ