Low Carbon City Profile -Climate Change Actions by Asian Cities in the City-to-City Collaboration Programme-

Under the Paris Agreement, countries around the world are heading off reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at an early stage, making full use of climate change measures to achieve the creation of a decarbonized society in the latter half of this century. Expectations of actions by non-state actors in particular, such as cities and companies which are major sources of greenhouse gas emissions, are rising in the international community. Non-state actors are also enhancing their international competitiveness as they draw appeal to their efforts on a wider stage, both in their own countries and overseas. With the cooperation of diverse entities, the world is moving towards the creation of a low-carbon, sustainable society with an even greater sense of speed.
The Ministry of the Environment has developed the “City-to-City Collaboration for Low-Carbon Society” (hereinafter “City-to-City Collaboration Programme”), which has aimed to achieve the creation of a low-carbon society through intercity partnerships since fi scal 2013. This programme aims to create low-carbon cities, leapfrogging over conventional development patterns by supporting the formation of low-carbon projects and capacity building in the field, with cities in Japan that have collective experiences in low-carbon development and low-carbon technologies under the Kyoto Protocol cooperating with companies and cities in developing countries that are aiming to achieve economic development in the future. In particular, support for green growth in Asia, home to remarkable economic development, is contributing to the achievement of the goals set out by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.
This booklet takes a look back on the past five years of the City-to-City Collaboration Programme and introduces the policies being implemented by the cities in Japan and overseas participating in this programme in order to create low-carbon cities. We hope that this booklet will promote an understanding of the initiatives taken by each city and deepen the understanding of support activities and achievements that are unique to intercity cooperation.