Low carbon agriculture for Indonesia: Challenges and opportunities

Event: Sustainable and Low-Carbon Development in Indonesia and Asia: Is Indonesia in good position toward Low Carbon Societies?
Date: , February 17, 2010
Low carbon agriculture for Indonesia: Challenges and opportunities

Agriculture plays an important role in the national economy and food security of Indonesia. Increasing food production while not impacting climate change is a challenge to be met. In order to meet growing food needs, Indonesia plans to expand cultivable area by focusing on unused peat lands and peat lands delineated for commercial purposes. Peat lands with peat depth <3 m was identified as areas that can be used for commercial applications. It is to be seen the impact of this policy option. Agriculture has been seen as been primarily seen as sector impacted by climate change and secondarily as impacting the climate change. This reflects from the share of mitigation that would come from agriculture sector at the national level. Several mitigation options were identified in agriculture crop and animal husbandry sectors. The major barriers for expanding these mitigation technologies has been lack of proper incentives for adoption, education of farmers, and technology transfer through innovative initiatives such as climate field schools and farmer field schools developed in the country. While focusing on individual technologies, one also has to consider how these technologies behave in the existing context of knowledge and infrastructure. Hence, infrastructure support in terms of irrigation water control makes substantial difference in the way the technologies behave. Technology diffusion should also be based on the awareness that the agriculture technologies are location specific such as irrigated or dry ecosystem, rainfed or irrigated ecosystems, swamp or peat land ecosystems etc. There is a need to target appropriate technologies to appropriate ecosystems rather than grouping them as a bundle.


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