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Commissioned Report

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development activities for the Environmental Policy Dialogue between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States


Presenting IGES-wide city work at WRI

World Resources Report Expert Roundtable, Washington D.C.

A collection of recent and on-going activities at IGES were presented to WRI experts. The presentation focused on three themes, namely: (1) tools and data; (2) research and projects; and (3) Networks.

Peer-reviewed Article
In ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information

A new method was developed for mapping forest, agricultural, and urban land cover using remote sensing imagery. It is designed to better detect small land cover objects (e.g. small forest or agricultural patches) and monitor their change (e.g. fine-scale deforestation) using freely-available satellite imagery.

Discussion Paper
IGES Kansai Research Centre Discussion Paper

In order to achieve sustainable society, it is necessary to transform industrial structure to the one that does not reduce the Earth's resources. Under this circumstance, a business model of "not selling goods, but selling services" has been expected as a measure of co-existence of business and the environment. This idea, which is called as...

Discussion Paper

持続可能な社会を築くためには、産業構造を転換し、地球の資源を減少させないようにすることが課題となっている。このような中で「モノを売らずにサービスを売る」というビジネスモデルは、産業と環境が両立する方策として期待されてきた。「製品サービスシステム(Product-Service Systems: PSS)」や「サービサイジング」等と呼ばれるこのアイデアは、欧米や国際機関で研究され、日本にもおいても研究されつつある。


Conference Proceeding

The International Symposium "Environmental Business for Regenerating Local Society", which was organised by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES) - Kansai Research Centre (KRC) in cooperation with the 21st Century Research Organization for Human Care at the Kobe Portopia Hotel on February 3, 2006 provided important insights into...

Conference Proceeding

Local governments and business community have long sought to attract large industrial facilities to their regions. This approach to local economic development is often met with many policy challenges, economic barriers and environmental limitations, On the other hand, environmental business that utilizes local resources and posses comparative socio...