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Commissioned Report

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development activities for the Environmental Policy Dialogue between the Ministry of the Environment, Japan and the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States


Presenting IGES-wide city work at WRI

World Resources Report Expert Roundtable, Washington D.C.

A collection of recent and on-going activities at IGES were presented to WRI experts. The presentation focused on three themes, namely: (1) tools and data; (2) research and projects; and (3) Networks.

Peer-reviewed Article
In ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information

A new method was developed for mapping forest, agricultural, and urban land cover using remote sensing imagery. It is designed to better detect small land cover objects (e.g. small forest or agricultural patches) and monitor their change (e.g. fine-scale deforestation) using freely-available satellite imagery.

Conference Proceeding

In his keynote speech K. Kokubu, professor at Kobe University and project leader at IGES Kansai Research Center stated the importance of environmental accounting not only for environmental conscious management itself, but for corporate management in general. Two initiatives of the Japanese government seem to have caused the change of behavior of...

Conference Proceeding




Policy Report

1. はじめに
1.1. 本ペーパーの目的
1.2. 国際的温暖化枠組みの流れと米国
2. 京都議定書代替案の内容とその分析
2.1. 提案の特徴と構成
2.2. 分析にあたっての考え方
2.3. ブッシュ提案の内容とその分析
3. 米国のエネルギー状況からの分析
3.1. 分析の道具立て
3.2. 過去の実績-米国のパフォーマンス
3.3. 将来予測(現状政策維持と追加的施策)
4. おわりに
4.1. ブッシュ新イニシアティブの課題
4.2. 気候変動枠組条約・京都議定書の枠組み