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Hiroshima University/University of Texas Summer Course
Lecture for the Summer Course on Preparing Professionals for Climate Negotiations and Sustainable Growth Policies, jointly organized by Hiroshima University’s Graduate School for International Cooperation and Development (IDEC) and its Hiroshima International Center for Environmental Cooperation (HICEC) in cooperation with The University of Texas...
Discussion Paper
Recently, many mega-cities in China are suffering from heavy soot-laden smog including small particulate matter such as PM2.5. First reason is that there must be a very stable atmospheric condition with weak vertical exchanges of air between a boundary layer and upper layer that leads to the formation of fogs and haze. Second reason is the very...
Policy Brief
2012年12月のCOP18(カタール・ドーハ)において、日本をはじめ京都議定書第2約束期間に数値目標を提示しない国の京都メカニズムへの参加には大きな制限が課せられることとなりました。 本ポリシー・ブリーフでは、COP18決定による日本の京都メカニズム利用に関する制限を踏まえて、2013年以降に日本が取得可能な京都ユニットに対してもたらす影響を定量的に推計するとともに政策的な意味について考察しています。
Peer-reviewed Article
In Global Environmental Research
China announced to decrease CO2 emission intensity per GDP by 17% by 2015 compared to the 2010 levels in its 12th Five Year Plan (FYP12: 2011-2015). This paper assesses the implementation plan of the CO2 intensity target in the FYP12 by comparing it with the implementation of China’s energy intensity reduction policy during the 11th Five Year Plan...