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In 2005, IGES launched the consultation "The Asia-Pacific Consultations on Climate Regime Beyond 2012" to promote new and constructive thinking in the Asia-Pacific region on future actions against climate change beyond 2012, and to contribute to the shaping of a future climate regime that adequately reflects the concerns and developmental...

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IGES has been announcing the top news on the environment in the Asia-Pacific region every year since 1998 in order to collect and organise information about environmental issues and policy trends in this region, and to report on how this region addresses environmental problems and how it works to create a sustainable society.

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The theory of the commons encompasses two interpretations: one based on ‘manifest customs’, whilst the other relates to ‘latent customs’. The former asserts that individuals behave as rational economic units, pursuing their own profit based on economic mechanisms, whilst social restrictions relating to the use of resources within communities act to...

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Johanis, P. Mogea
Rahayu, Mulyati

Gunung Halimun National Park represents one of the last significant areas of tropical rain forest in densely populated West Java, Indonesia. There is a diversity of rattans in the park and they, together with the sugara palm, Arenga pinnata, are intensively utilized by villagers living around and within the park boundary.

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Local perspectives in protected area management

In The State of Environment in Asia
Conference Paper
International Workshop on Climate Change and Forest Sector: Clean Development Mechanism in Tropical Countries, Seoul, Korea, 21-23 Sept. 2004

This study aims to identify the socio-economic and the institutional conditions leading to the success of a small-scale CDM project by comparing two case studies of plantation projects in a protection forest area in Lombok and a production forest area in East Java. It was not clear in Lombok who was involved in the project conducted by the local...